Fin Fish Handling and Processing – Module 101

Fin Fish Handling and Processing – Module 101

Fin Fish Handling and Processing – Module 101

The course will consider best practices on how to produce safe wholesome chilled and frozen Finfish products. Consequently, instruction and skills training will focus on the technology pertaining to Fish Handling and Processing including, Chilling, Freezing, preparation of various market forms, packaging and Quality Control techniques.

The aim of this course is to:
Provide the participant with information and skills, which will allow them to produce safe and wholesome products.

This course is recommended for Seafood Handling and Processing Establishment personnel including Managers, Supervisors and employees; Fishermen; Fish Vendors; Fisheries Personnel involved in advisory or regulatory work; Food and Drug and Public Health Inspectors; entrepreneurs intending to open a processing or vending establishment.

The duration of this course is one (1) week and consists of 30 contact hours (20 hours theory and 10 hours practical). Delivery comprises a combination of lectures, demonstrations, models, videos and practical training.

Introduction to Fish Science – basic
Fish Spoilage Causes and Controls
Freezing of Finfish
The factors which influences the quality of seafood
Sanitation & Food Hygiene Practices in fish establishments
Preparation of various market forms of finfish
Packaging of fishery products
Merchandising of Fish – basic techniques