Finfish Handling, Processing & Utilization for Teachers

Finfish Handling, Processing & Utilization for Teachers

Finfish Handling, Processing & Utilization for Teachers

The course provides participants with information and training that will allow them to provide assistance to students for the preparation of SBA documents and projects, in the area of fish processing technology. The training will also assist with the identification and use of various species of fish to produce fishery products, in keeping with national and international standards and specifications for quality and safety. The course is a blend several modules incorporating the handling and preparation of chilled and frozen fish, salted fish, smoked fish and utilization/fish cookery.

Assist teachers in developing a framework for the guidance and evaluation of student’s SBAs, Cookery exams and projects; to provide guidance to other selected target groups for the handling processing and utilization of fish and fishery products in school meals.

The programme targets teachers of home economics, food and nutrition, technical education and any subject area that cover the handling and use of fish and fishery products for human consumption. Additional target groups include regulatory personnel such as schools dietary services employees and food preparation instructors.

The programme is delivered in a period covering 3weeks/15days and comprises 90 contact hours.

Chilled and Frozen fish Handling/Preparation & Processing

  • Fish science; Identification; Spoilage; Quality Evaluation: Sanitation; Storage; Merchandising; packaging

Salt curing, Drying of fish and Smoking of fish

  • Principles and practice; Equipment; Quality evaluation

Preparation of a variety of fish dishes utilizing various species of fish.

  • Species attributes; cooking methods; preparation techniques; herbs and spices; one downstream product