Advanced Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention

Advanced Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention

Advanced Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention


Advanced Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention


The aim of this course is to provide training in Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention and is mandatory for all seafaring personnel. The course covers the correct use of fire fighting equipment, the different types of fires and corresponding fire fighting techniques. The course is a component of the Basic Safety Training*.

Who would benefit?

This course is recommended for any individual who intends to pursue a career at sea or offshore.


The duration of this course is five (5) days. Classes are from 8:00am to 4:00pm. A combination of lectures sessions, demonstrations and videos are used to deliver this course.


  • In this course you will learn:
  • To identify and correct any defects which could provide a combination of elements leading to a fire
  • The efficient utilisation of fire fighting equipment
  • Selecting the suitable type of equipment to fight a particular type of fire in the shortest possible time
  • To secure the safety of personnel and his own person on board


  • Safety and Principles
  • Theory of Fire
  • Fire Prevention
  • Fire Detection
  • Fixed Fire-Extinguishing Systems


  • Must be medically fit with good eyesight (backed by a medical report and eye test)**
  • Must be able to read and write
  • 2 passport sized pictures


Upon successful completion of the course, determined by the instructor, the candidates will receive a certificate in accordance with Section A-V1/1 Paragraph 2 of the STCW 95 Code.

**Medical forms may be collected at:

Maritime Services Division

Cor. Duke & St. Vincent Streets (Clarence House.)

Port of Spain

Trinidad, W.I.

This course places emphasis on the participants ability to communicate, take command and successfully control fire fighting operations both at sea and in port It is recommended for senior personnel who have completed the basic training in firefighting and fire prevention.

Possible Careers Job Titles: Supervisory positions on the Deck e.g. Health and Safety Officer, Marine Fire Officer.

Duration : 5 days

Code: AFF