CFTDI Reaches Out to Grenada Counterparts




Collaboration and networking with its regional partners is one of the hallmarks of success of the Caribbean Fisheries Training and Development Institute. Our CARICOM neighbours have been the beneficiaries of a wide range of customized training programmes aimed at continuously sharpening their skills and employment of best practices in their maritime and fishing endeavours.

Recently, a group from Grenada’s fishing community visited Trinidad to participate inthe Basic Training programme, the mandatory foundation program for all seafarers. According to CFTDI’s Principal, Tullia Ible “throughout our operations including our training programmes, we attempt at all times to introduce international best practices which would effectively position our participants on the global landscape.”

The group lauded the efforts of the CFTDI in realizing its vision as the recognized leader in developing and promoting sustainable careers in Fisheries and related disciplines in the region. In describing CFTDI’s importance to the region, the spokesman for the group, Mr Augustine Mitchell reiterated that more of the fishing personnel within CARICOM, should be exposed to CFTDI’s training programmes, in order to become certified and more responsible for the safety of not only their lives, but those of their crew members.

Some important lessons highlighted by the group were learning how to treat with personsaffected by stroke and heart attacks; also tips for survival when working on shipse.g. becoming acquainted with the muster list, man overboard and other  survival techniques that can assist in remaining alive in the event the ship sinks or get into distress.

Though members of the Grenada team may have had different experiences during the training, collectively, they all agreed that the entire seafaring community in the Caribbean, should become certified, thereby making the maritime and fishing industry safer and more comfortable.