Making A Payment

Acceptable forms of payments

  • Bank Transfers,
  • Direct Deposits and
  • Debit/Linx payments

Cash payments not accepted on CFTDI compound.

NOTE: Please contact the registration clerk at the Training Department before approval is given to make any payment. 

Payment Steps

Step 1:

Make Payment (Linx\Debit) – No Credit Card

To pay via Linx/debit please visit Caribbean Fishieries Training and Development Institute at the Registry Department, located at the administrative compound between the hours 8am – 3pm, Mon. – Fri.


Make Payment (Online and Direct Deposit)

Bank: First Citizen Bank Account 

Use either one of the following account names: Caribbean Fisheries Training and Dev OR CFTDI

Account Number: Please contact the registry department for the account number at 634-4276 ext 204/205

Description: In the description please insert Student Name and Course Name . example: John Brown, Basic Safety Training

Step 2: Return Receipt to Institute

Please send a scanned copy or snapshot of payment confirmation/receipt to the following email address:

In the email SUBJECT, insert “Payment Confirmation – [Your Name]” example. Payment Confirmation – John Brown

In the description of the email please insert your Student NameCourse Name and Course Date( date in which you intend to start the course). example: John Brown, Basic Training, 2nd September 2024

For any assistance please call: 634-4276 ext 204/205

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