Elma’S Secret

January 10, 2020

Elma’s Secret is a small fish processing business specializing in value-added fishery products. The business is owned and operated by Phillip Cox and his wife. Mr. Cox has been in the food industry for over 30 years serving up some of the best vegetarian food in Brooklyn, New York and Trinidad.

The main product is Fish Ham, which he was introduced to approximately 10 years ago by his mother. Historically, Fish Ham was only available in its raw form, which then had to be cooked by the consumer. After years of trials and he developed the recipe into what it is today. Product Development is not new to Phillip as he also produces fish sausages and fish pepperoni.

Laboratory testing is done by CARIRI and/or the Chemistry, Food and Drugs. Additionally, Phillip has training in Fin Fish Handling and Processing (Module 101) from the Caribbean Fisheries Training and Development Institute (CFTDI) enhancing his fish preparation skills allowing him to maintain quality of his raw material as well as packaging and labeling techniques.

All three products are made from locally sourced Tuna and home-made seasonings. The main difference is in the seasonings. The unique flavors in these fishery products are unique and addictive. The texture resembles that of meat, which makes it a perfect substitute during religious fasting periods.

The product should be stored in the freezer and can be prepared by cooking, chilled, sliced or unsliced. Perfect for breakfast, gumbo, linguini or pizza Elma’s Secret has it all!

The products can be found in all Massey Stores, Ocean Delight Fernandez Compound, Sin Chong Supermarket and US One.

Contact information:
11-13 Frederick Street
Capital Plaza,
Port of Spain
Website: Check Facebook for link
Telephone contact:

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