Japanese Embassy visit’s CFTDI

March 22, 2024

On Wednesday 13 March 2024 First Secretary, Embassy of Japan Mr. Atsushi Saga, toured the Caribbean Fisheries Training and Development Institute (CFTDI) Training Centre in Chaguaramas. He was accompanied by Mr. Kosuke Sano (Ph.D.), Director, Fisheries & Aquaculture International Co, Ltd., Mr. Akira Toda, Furuno Electric, Ms. Danielle Mangrey, Economic Cooperation Programme Coordinator, and Maria Zenigame, from NBK Corporation, Team Leader. During this visit, the First Secretary met with Ms. Willa Guy-Straker, CFTDI Principal, and other officials of CFTDI, and was apprised of the center’s operations as he observed its facilities — which conducted fisheries technical cooperation and includes various equipment donated by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
The Government of Japan has previously implemented several technical cooperation projects with the CFTDI, benefitting fisheries development in Trinidad and Tobago and the Eastern Caribbean. The Embassy of Japan looks forward to further opportunities to support the fisheries sector of Caribbean countries.

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